How we work

How we work

TugarbyBike – Biking in Portugal offers unique bike trips in Portugal. These trips can vary from a few hours to multiple days.

We work with small groups from 3 to 6 participants and try to avoid as much as possible busy touristic areas.

The participants can choose between standard trails or custom made programmes. The latter can be based on a standard trip, customising the trails and distance of the trip. It is also possible to propose a completely new route or to combine the biking with other activities such as canyoning, hiking, kayaking, etc.

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On the tours of one or two days the participants will be accompanied by a guide. These tours are normally very popular with families or groups who just want to include one biking activity into a broader programme of various activities. The longer bike trips are done independently with the help of a gps/roadbook and will be supported with daily briefings when necessary.

Tuga byBike takes care of the luggage transfer and if necessary the transfer of participants. TugarbyBike will support clients along the way with personal and technical aid.

The standard trips always include accommodation, breakfast, dinner and water/energy-bars during the activity. The custom made tours can include as much or as little as the participant wishes – with the exception of the accommodation (with or without breakfast), which has to be reserved ahead of time.

TugarbyBike also takes care of the logistics and transfers of participants who want to come over to Portugal with their own bikes and travel completely independently. We can help you with planning the trails, organising the activity, reserving accommodation or by supplying gps files and information on the chosen trails.