Why Tugar by bike

Why Tugar by bike

Tugar is a travel company specialised in creating custom made adventure holidays in Portugal.

Who we are

This means that we create programmes that combine a series of activities and approved accommodation, that are uniquely customised to the needs of the participant.

Due to the increasing interest in biking tours and the great climate, scenery and terrain Portugal has to offer for this kind of activity, we decided to create a new project specifically focused on biking activities. In this way we are able to improve the variety and quality of the tours we have to offer and also to guarantee high quality content that has always been at the core of Tugar’s principles; that’s how TugarbyBike – Biking in Portugal arises.

How we make the difference

Dedication: TugarbyBike approaches each client in a personal way. From first contact until the conclusion of the tour or activity. We provide clients with detailed information and suggestions, and then if required help with making decisions and finding solutions for special requests. The activities all take place in small groups which makes it possible to create a pleasant experience for each individual. TugarbyBike will be ‘present’ as much or as little as the client requires and the activity permits.
Flexibility: The programmes TugarbyBike organises are flexible, there is always room for adaptation or changes. This also applies to the standard programmes.
Variety: We organise a wide range of tours with various levels of difficulty, landscape types and distance options. In this way we always create something to suit our clients individual needs.
Unique: TugarbyBike doesn’t relate to impersonal mass tourism, which is the reason we choose unique and interesting routes that give us the opportunity to connect with the true identity of each different region. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid the touristic spots and when we think they add extra value to the trip we won’t avoid them.