What our clients say

What our clients say

Last summer, we cycled a large part of the Silver Coast with our family. It was a wonderful route with the right ingredients for all the family members.

Active cycling with sometimes quite long climbs, but then rewarded with beautiful views of the coast and sea. Nice resting places at beautiful beaches, where there was time to swim and have a delicious lunch. Our daughters, aged 11 and 14, also appreciated this very much.

The guidance of Marisa and Fernando (almost invisible in the background) was fantastic.

The beautiful bicycles, lovingly maintained by Fernando, made it possible for all four of us to enjoy the tour in a relaxed manner.

We also cycled the downhill tour in the Ladario Mountains together with Fernando, where he enthusiastically told us everything about the nature and culture of this region.

It’s great when you don’t have to think but can just cycle and look around.

It was a special summer with many doubts about whether we could come to Portugal because of the pandemic. Because of this we emailed and phoned Marisa of Tugar a lot. She has been very thoughtful and creative in planning our tour.

When we were finally able to come to Portugal, everything was perfectly organised by Tugar and besides cycling we also slept in very special places, such as an old wine warehouse.

This trip through a beautiful part of Portugal was for us the highlight of 2021. This is certainly also thanks to the great care of Marisa, Fernando and all their friends in Portugal!

Thank you very much and we will definitely come back to you!

Danielle, Frank, Jip & Bo