Douro Superior Biking Tour

Douro Superior Biking Tour

Total Distance: 277km

Cumulative gap: +5700/-5938

Duration: 7 days/ 7 nights

Difficulty Level: Very heavy (5/5)

Best Season: April – June / September – October

Price: on request

D1: Porto – Pocinho (morning) – 3:30u by train
Circuito do Sabor (afternoon) – 24km | +347m/-347m | easy
D2: Moncorvo – Freixo  – 48km | +892m/-852m | heavy
D3: Freixo – Castelo Rodrigo – 62km | +1381m/-1045m | very heavy
D4: Visits and gastronomy (without bike)
D5: Cast. Rodrigo – Muxagata  – 54km | +678m/-1175m | median
D6: Muxagata – Bairro do Casal – 39km| +1204m/-741m | very heavy
D7: Bairro do Casal – Tua – 50km |+1198m/-1777m | very heavy
D8: Tua – Porto (2:30h by train)

Discover the superb Douro region by bike

The Douro region, with two areas recognised as World Heritage sites, including the well known Upper Douro (where we can find the famous DOC wines) and the Archeological Park of Foz Côa, are well worth the time to visit and explore.

In this region nature and human intervention live side by side in a symbiotic way what results in fantastic landscapes and a very rich local gastronomy of which figs, almonds and olives are just the beginning. The wine is said to be the nectar of the Gods…

The accentuated lie of the land in this region makes this bike tour quite difficult overall with some extreme variations in altitude at times. Although in some places along the trail it is possible to choose different level options or to use a transfer to make the tour a bit more accessible. The stand by van will be around to give some personal and technical support when necessary.

In order to fully experience the richness of this region we include one bike free day with different activities such as tasting the local delicacies, wine, cheese, almonds and olives to name but a few. We will also visit the palaeolithic cave paintings and the Natural Park Faia Brava in the beautiful valley of the Côa River. We will be accompanied by local guides who know this place like no other.

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