Castelos da Raia Biking Tour

Castelos da Raia Biking Tour

Total distance: 323km

Cumulative gap: +5006/-4785

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Difficulty level: heavy (4/5)

Best Season: April  – October

Price: on request

D1: Porto – Pocinho  (morning)  – 3:30h by train
Circuito do Sabor (afternoon) – 24km | +347m/-347m | easy
D2: Moncorvo – Freixo*  – 48km | +892m/-852m | heavy
D3: Freixo – Castelo Rodrigo*  – 62km | +1381m/-1045m | very heavy
D4: Cast. Rodrigo – Cast. Mendo*  – 50km | +564m/-614m | median
D5: Castelo Mendo – Sortelha*  – 58km | +862m/-865m | median
D6: Sortelha – Penamacor*  – 53km | +452m/-610m | moderated
D7: Penamacor – Monsanto  – 28km | +508m/-451m | moderated
D8: Transfer to Lisbon **
* various distances possible
** other destinations possible

Cycling at the borderland in the Castelos da Raia area

‘Raia’ in old Portuguese means border. Nowadays it indicates the whole frontier area between Portugal and Spain on both sides. The local population shares the same historical, cultural, linguistic and economical characteristics.
This region, with a surface area of almost 1200km is worth visiting for its natural beauty alone. Combined with it’s quaint villages, towns and castles, the balance of cultivated and wild areas makes this an extremely peaceful and pleasant region to bike through. This is actually the border region with the highest concentration of castles, all of them with their own history, identity and strategic position. Since they’re all built on their mountain top they dominate the surrounding landscapes..

The bike tour Tugarbybike has prepared covers 320 km and crosses the so called ‘raia seca’ area (the frontier area that lacks of waterlines).

Every day we travel another trail to the next castle town. Cycling on dirt roads and asphalt roads alternately, the level of difficulty varies between average and difficult with some parts that will be considered challenging.

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