Bike Traveling

Bike Traveling

Plan your unforgettable cycling holiday in Portugal

The pleasure of sharing the beauty and the authentic culture of Portugal with those who are interested is probably the main reason Tugar exists.

We like to take our clients to little hidden paradises where they can experience a wealth of natural beauty and enjoy peace and calm. One can find these places on the coast as well inland, where relationships between man and nature date back thousands of years.

The culture, gastronomy and architecture are all a testament to this relationship. The pleasure of bike traveling is inseparably connected with this pleasure of sharing Portugal, since it is the perfect way to travel through, enjoy and admire the landscape whilst being part of the environment.

TugarbyBike has prepared different routes that enables us to travel Portugal by bike and get to know the different regions.

Take a look at our various possibilities:

Barroso – Gerês Bike Tour

Pitôes de Júnias

Douro Superior Bike Tour

Castelos da Raia Bike Tour

Northern Atlantic Coast  Bike Tour

Silvercoast Bike Tour

Mediterranean Bike Tour

The Big Bike Tour