Vouga Biking Trail

Vouga Biking Trail

Distance: 30km

Activity Time: 4 hours+

Difficulty: 00000

Best Season: April – October

Price: from 59€ (including gear, guide, lunch, transfer and insurance)

A quiet bike ride along the old railway line

The Ecopista do Vouga is a biking trail created along an old railway line that crosses the Vouga valley in between Viseu and Sernada do Vouga in the centre of Portugal. The total distance of the trail is about 80 km. The railway first opened in 1914 and was shut down in 1990. Since 2009 parts of the old railway line were transformed into trekking and biking trails and today it is possible to use almost its whole trajectory.

The Ecopista meanders its way through a varying landscape with little hamlets, always accompanying the Vouga river along the journey. You bike over beautiful old bridges and through old railways tunnels, all the while being able to admire the wonderful views of the valley.

Even though you are biking through the mountains you won’t encounter many ascents. Actually the tour Tugar by Bike prepared will let you descend for about 30 km heading for Sernada do Vouga. The trail is formed by dirt tracks and asphalt roads in equal measure. Half way through we can stop and get refreshments if needed before we bike the last part down to Sernada do Vouga where a lovely local lunch will await us. If you feel like it you can first take a cool dive into the by then already familiar Vouga river. This is an excellent family activity!

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