Distance: 40km

Activity Time: 6 hours +

Difficulty: 00000

Best Season: April – October

Price: from 67€ (including gear, guide, pick-nick and insurance)

A bike ride in the calm nature of the Caramulo mountain range

When the fog disappears and the sun starts to heat the mountainside, the rugged characteristics of this mountain range start to become visible…

The Caramulo mountain range, situated about an hour from Porto city, are formed of granite and slate. Moorland and broom are the dominant flora in the region. These mountains offer a magnificent variety of natural landscapes. We’ll be biking along small paved roads and some dirt roads surrounded by little green fields while visiting the quaint local villages. The appearance of lichens is very common here and indicates very clean air quality, a well known aspect of this mountain range.

The Caramulinho, with its highest point at 3530 ft above sea level, offers you a perfect view of the surroundings where with clear weather, you can see the sea on one side and until springtime, the snowy tops of the Serra de Estrela on the other side.

The Caramulo mountains are almost a secret place, adorable because of their diverse scenery, hidden valleys and the amazing views from the mountain peaks.
 At the end of the tour there will be the opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine.

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