Traditional activities

Traditional activities

Distance: 29 km

Activity Time: 5 hours

Difficulty: 00000

Best Season: All year round

Price: from 43€ (including gear, guide, snack and insurance)

An interpretive bike ride to get to know Aveiro’s traditional activities

During this interactive tour we use our bikes just for transportation. The idea is that besides enjoying the surroundings, we get a glimpse of the traditional local industries that were once practised in this area such as salt harvesting, fishing and ceramic production.

To get a good idea of what these activities entailed we will bring you to the places that reflect their history. We visit the salt fields, old neighbourhoods with beautiful façades of old blue tiles, the historical ceramic factory of Vista Alegre established in 1824 and if so desired also the museums. Here we can admire in detail the different vessels used in this region, we can also learn some traditional fishing skills or we can admire some rare pieces of pottery.

On our way back after a snack stop at the local harbour café, we pass by the fishermen’s dock where you can still experience the fishing ambience.

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