Air, Land and Water

Air, Land and Water

Distance: 83km (different distances possible)

Activity Time: 9 hours

Difficulty: 00000

Best Season: May – October

Price: from 60€ (including gear, guide, snack, insurance and ferryboat)

A bike ride along the lagoon of Aveiro

The flat unpaved country roads along the Aveiro River are an excellent place to bike. The irregular contours of the Laguna are like a labyrinth that invite us on a journey of discovery.

While we are biking we become aware of the formation of the lagoon, a geomorphological mutation that took place over the last thousand years. The surroundings have been adapted to the needs of the local population for them to be able to create useful and productive habitats there.

The tour leads us over the dividing line between the calm waters and the arable land where the local people gained the necessary skills to be able to handle a plough as easily as they cast out a fishing net into the river. The local architecture, gastronomy and folklore express this same duality.

The last part of the tour leads us over an asphalt road to the very end of the peninsula formed by the river. On the east side is the river with its little white sand beaches, whilst on the other side the dunes separate us from the Atlantic ocean, just beside us…

The distance of this tour depends upon various options. There’s a possibility to ride a circular loop or to catch the small ferry over to the mainland and later get a transfer back to Aveiro.

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